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I've stopped posting so much Star Wars stuff on this tumblr, and have started posting all of that on my Star Wars tumblog ~ DBSW.

Living like an ewok. (at The Tree House)


Google Street View Hyperlapse - I’ve long wanted to build something with Google Street View data, but would have never come up with anything this awesome.

This really makes me want to do another road trip…

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The Way I Feel Inside // The Zombies

Kinda sums up how I feel right now…

Finally saw The Hobbit yesterday…

I can only imagine that the folks who have been raving about how great that movie is were more high than I was when I walked out after seeing Attack Of The Clones thinking it was pretty good.

I saw it in 2D because I’m not a big fan of 3D, and I’m pretty sure that 3 hours of wearing those glasses would have made my head hurt as bad as my skinny ass did for sitting that long. I will admit that the settings and scenery were beautiful, but everything took soooo long to happen that I was incredibly bored by the time the thing that they were setting up happened that I didn’t care. The CGI characters fit well with the live action stuff but felt the character design was very uninspired, making them extremely unbelievable for me. I’m not gonna say a movie needs blood to be good, but when limbs are cut off, bowels are split open and heads are lopped off, there has to be at least a few drops shown - there was more blood shown when Obi Wan Kenobi cut off Walrus Man’s arm in ANH than there was in this entire movie. Speaking of unbelievable injuries, you do not fall hundreds of feet, bouncing off canyon walls and don’t at least have a limp. I think this movie relies way too heavily on fancy technology and cool sets vs a well told story and the SW Prequel Trilogy and Avatar already proved that that doesn’t work. The biggest lesson I learned about Middle Earth from this movie, and LOTR, is that if you need something done call the eagles first - Gandolf and hobbits take too long and cause more problems than it is worth. I will be waiting for the next movie in this series to come to home video before I watch it - and even then I will not be rushing to get my hands on a copy.

Pixel Bantha // by pixelblock

Pixel Bantha // by pixelblock

How to credit an image you find on the internet…

I am Jedi, like my mother before me.

GPOYW: “These are not the droids you are looking for” edition

Daydreams & Nightschemes // by Jon Newman

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